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10 glocal rules to be more successful internationally

No sé Sr. Lange ….. ¿Está usted seguro de querer ponérselo para la reunión con los americanos?

„I don’t know, Mr. Lange… Do you really want to keep it on for the meeting with the Americans?“

Confucius spoke of three ways for people to act in an intelligent manner: the first and noblest is to take the time to reflect; the second and easiest is to imitate; the third and most bitter for being the most expansive is to act according to one’s own experience.

Human beings are surely capable of learning but are we also ready to learn from our experiences?  I do have my doubts when I see what is going on in everyday business. Read more »

Minimum wage in Germany effective from January 1, 2015

MindestlohnArticle collaboration: Michael Wendler

As from January 1, 2015, there is a legal minimum wage of 8.50 euros per hour for the first time in the Federal Republic of Germany. Germany is now one of the 21 out of 28 member states of the European Union to have a cross-industry minimum wage.

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Do you speak Glocalese?

Even the French, with their ever so charming language, had to admit it; nowadays, without minimal English knowledge, no great achievements in international business can be accomplished. So what happens when such a limitation exists? Generally, it will still be tried to build a business relationship with a vocabulary of about 1.500 words, which in my view however is meant to fail in the long run. Read more »