My curriculum vitae

My experience in international business management and consulting for internationalization of business processes, is based on internal knowledge that I have of the business and its processes.


Entrepreneur and businessman, international managment consultant. I’m the Chairman and Founder in Adminex Group.

My experience in international business management is based on a deep knowledge that  I have of the business and its processes. This knowledge comes from my career as head of the family business, my role as product manager for multinational and my own projects experiences.Specializing in business development in Europe, I also managed successfully worldwide glocalization processes.


I’m Chairman & Founder of Adminex, A company specializing in advising entrepreneurs and managers in the executive management of internationalization processes.



  • The principal aspect of my personality: I’m steadfast, persistent and consistent person
  • My idea of happiness: Overcoming a challenge
  • A business management mistake that becomes me more lenient: Human mistakes
  • One of my more usual sentences: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)
  • An unsurpassable masterpiece: Everybody and everything could be overcome
  • My maxima in work: Adopting a positive attitude and being interested in work
  • My own professional vocation: Listening, analyzing and seeking solutions
  • A special talent that I would have: To be flying as a bird
  • Something that makes me laughs: The naivety of children
  • Something that gets my upset: Dishonesty
  • A place to live: Alt Empordà
  • A place to work: Barcelona, and Zürich or München, too
  • A means of transport: A light aircraft
  • My favorite music: Classic guitar masterpieces
  • My favorite color: Blue
  • My heroe in real life: My sister who feels optimistic about life after a cardiac transplantation and cancer disease
  • My unresolved matter: Becoming more patient