Glocal Insights: Trump , Le Pen and other disasters

Nothing is impossible – just let us imagine internationalization takes a turning point. And it just looks like that at the moment!

The election of Donald Trumps or Marie Le Pen seems rather unlikely, but even Brexit seemed improbable. But exactly Brexit gives us an idea of what we will be confronted with. At the same time TTIP and CETA advance only very slowly if ever and regions strive for independency. Simultaneously new barriers are created be it in form of border fences or in form of new legal restrictions. Whether these steps prove successful is not sure, but as entrepreneurs we should face the challenges.

Nevertheless I am firmly convinced that the internationalization cannot be hold up. It is rather the question how to meet these new challenges. Already now it gets obvious that governments are trying to oblige international companies to create part of its added value locally as condition for activity in its country.

I consider glocalisation is the answer to this trend. To the same extent that governments want to seal off its country for populist reasons, Glocalisation is to say a global idea with local implementation will be unavoidable.

Exactly for that we are preparing ourselves already for some time, as greater customer proximity will be finally decisive.

In that sense I wish you solid business success.98947653

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