“Brexit” or “Questions (unfortunately) no one asks”

Nothing will stay the same! Great Britain has decided to leave the EU, a decision which sent a shock wave throughout the world.

And now the really important and decisive questions arise:
• What is going to happen next?
• What consequences will Brexit have for the economy, not only in Britain but also in Europe?
• What consequences will it have for the vast number of foreigners working in Britain, including many professional football players?
• When and how fast will the exit happen?

Behind all these questions you can sense the insecurity about the future.

But “unfortunately” – from my point of view – one very important and decisive question has not been asked here: What will stay the same?

1. People in the UK will stay the same, they will carry on drinking cappuccino and Coca Cola, and they will drive their Mercedes and spend their holidays in Spain.
2. Great Britain will stay part of Europe and it will not just disappear from international business.
3. And last not but not least, we as businesses carry on being active in Britain, although under different conditions.

Nothing will stay the same???: Yes, it will: our company and our employees will carry on being at the service of our clients and we will be by your side, although under changed conditions. And that means stability, something which – in my opinion – we all want and are all looking for.

With this in mind I wish you all good business for the future

Yours sincerely

Marc Ambrockbrexit

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