Chairman of Gild International Marc Ambrock sees internationalisation as crucial to addressing the crisis

Entrevista publicada en Informativos.netExtending their networks to new destinations is among Spanish businesses’ possibilities when facing a domestic recession, which limits consumption and financing up to the point of negative inflexion. But how do you succeed? The internationalisation task of a company forces it to establish a personalised strategic plan and adopt a mentality change in management and executive teams; in addition to successfully handling a comprehensive legal, political as well as social know-how of the new environment and its real requirements.

It is not easy to achieve without help. Even a local partner is no guarantee for success, because he or she will always place the foreign companies in a disadvantaged situation, forcing them to blindly trust his management. We would insist, however, that selling their services and products in foreign and economically stimulated markets, currently represents the only survival opportunity for many Spanish companies. And while the talk continues – without much objective and concrete result – on who and how to manage and position the “Spain” brand – a strategy which should help national companies to address international markets jointly and with a guarantee of success – it is, as usual, the private initiative which flourishes.

Never –not even in times of bonanza- has there been so much flow. Gild International has become –and in a time of crisis- a reference among networking clubs in Barcelona; and the reason for it is that young and not so young companies -but all managed by well-informed executive teams –have found there real possibilities for optimal solutions in order to boost their business. Located on Pasage Permanyer, very near Paseo de Gracia, Gild International headquarters, also an architectural and urban planning exponent registered as an artistic landmark, offers to its members exclusive and private work space for meetings, presentations and other events of their interest; as well as an exclusive personalised gastronomic offer from Chef Mariano Citterio or direct access to collective thinking of ideas and innovative trends.

But Gild International is a lot more. Its chairman, German business man Marc Ambrock, Founder and Chairman of Adminex Group-specialised in supporting companies willing to successfully thrive in foreign markets- masters both the management of family business internal knowhow and the development of its functions, with the objective to design with the highest precision possible the internationalisation processes of the companies he advises. Russia, Angola, Mozambique… are commonly mentioned destination names at Gild because wherever the opportunities are, this versatile and experienced business man is able to detect them and create the appropriate bridges to facilitate interconnection.

We have talked to him. Because in a time when companies start to believe that there is no way out to their situation, that way out may very well be the opening towards knowhow exchange, the loss of fear to address friendlier markets, or the trust in institutions where relationships with investors and experts are direct.

In this video interview we bring to you, Marc Ambrock not only analyses the profile of a business fabric in conflict with expansion, but also gives the keys to face a tedious reality and turn it into a possible opportunity. Let’s listen to him.

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  1. Mr. Ambrock people like You conquer Europe!

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