Polish Power

Polish enterprises development in East Germany is symptomatic of for European Union. Perhaps, Polish Power means now a new common way for the development of European business.

In France there has been a campaign against them, in England all of the craftsmen seem to be Polish, in Ireland even the TV has Polish subtitles and the Germans showed so much German angst that they considered it necessary to set limits for years on the numbers of Polish able to work in the country.

Without doubt we are talking about qualified Polish employees, who are feared on the one hand for their ambition and competitiveness and on the other for their hard work and quality of service. And by the way many local workers are still not willing to do the same jobs.

Are we talking now about an unwanted migration of nations or about collateral damage caused by the European Union?

As an entrepreneur, who employs a fair few  Polish workers outside Poland, I believe neither in one version nor in the other, but see in them the long hoped for success of a peaceful integration and united Europe in all its aspects, as nothing will lead us to a better mutual understanding than common efforts to build a common future.

Once you look at it in detail you will be surprised to understand what I mean: Without any doubt Germany is considered to be the Powerhouse of Europe and not without reason. But looking at eastern Germany you will discover that Polish companies are being established there, as they have realized that with the “Made in Germany” label  they can do better business than with a “Made in Poland” one. Often overlooked is the fact that they are thus developing the east of Germany. A more successful and positive integration I cannot imagine.

Therefore, each time I talk about Polish Power, I mean it in the most positive sense. Polish Power is a further version of internationalization and export orientation, which the rest of Europe would do well to note and appreciate.

2 Responses to Polish Power

  1. Gracias Marc por las perlas económicas que nos aportas!
    Eso es la libertad de mercado deseada. La formación, las ganas y la energía no hay frontera ni arancel que las pare…

  2. Marc, thank you for the good article. But I, being Ukrainian, see this situation from far Eastern side. When qualified Polish workers move West to Germany and even GB, they leave vacant places in Poland. Especially in construction industry and agriculture. And very often these vacancies are occupied by Ukrainians. They are also well-qualified and hard-working, but the majority of them are illegal there. EU needs them but doesn’t want to recognize.

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