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Glocalisation strikes back

Recently we experience a trend or better said a wave of populism hidden behind the flag of protectionism, nationalism and separatism. These movements  presume and promise to have easy solutions against the dangers of globalisation in the form of immigration, infinite competition and unfair repartition of wealth.

Surprisingly these movements rather come from a middle class, which acts from ist secure position as the really bad off classes have neither the time nor the money to protest. But they will suffer worst the consequences of these waves. Additionally its leaders pretend to represent an overwhelming majority despite being a minority. Media coverage helps them. Donald Trump will greet you.

But because money and wealth have always been – and will as well in the future – be moving more quickly, the consequences will be striking, but felt especially mid and longterm. This is due to the fact that investors seek legal and political stability and hate insecurity . As they are shy like rare animals, it will rather take decades then years until they return.

In the meantime Glocalisation strikes back in form of competitors that will be pleased to fill with its products and services the vacuum left. And with success as all these movements have no other plan than complaining and deploring its victim status. The interesting question will be how long it will take until ist own „supporters“ will realize they got massively tricked.

Therefore I recommend to keep frustratingly calm, watch out for new opportunities and develop a glocal plan.

Smart but small is the basis of all success

I see small steps as the mother of all successes

We all want to achieve as much as possible as fast as possible, without seeing the necessity of small steps

Yes, I plead guilty: connecting global business locally is the slogan of my blog, and by it I seem to suggest that global business depends on size. In my view however, this is far from true.

I support many companies and I have a growing admiration for the many successful mid-sized businesses that nobody knows. Instead, the big companies of the world are on everybody’s lips and this leads to greatly overlooking some decisive facts:
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The opportunity to invest now in Africa


Africa’s improvement is due, among other reasons, to better governance; as opposed to what people imagine, currently only 5 out of 54 African countries are dictatorships.

In November 2012, the Institute of International Finance (IIF) reported that the African growth is not a dream but a reality due to the fact that the African economy has been in constant growth for a decade. All studies show that this year’s growth rate will be 6%.

According to the World Bank’s report Doing Business 2014 published in October 2013, ten African countries are among the “Top 100” countries with the best economic perspectives and facilities to invest (four of them are among the top 50). It should be noted that according to the report, no European Union country are among the top 10.
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