Real World business is the result of a personal relation

Since its conception, adminex academy has focused on the teaching of real-world business. Although theoretical knowledge is an enriching and constructive type of formation, the practical based formation of adminex academy, where experience is the protagonist, makes it a unique seminar that brings its participants to a next level of business entrepreneurship.

During the two days covered by the seminar, Mr. Nielsen (Head of Distribution) and I presented its contents and the new area of adminex group’s set of solutions: adminex Distribution. Giving solutions to the clients is what adminex does to those businesses that need such help. Therefore, while accounting does not cease to have importance in adminex group’s help to its clients, this seminar has focused on the introduction of distribution into adminex’s core services.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you consider adminex group solutions could help your business thrive in the international markets.


adminex in Russia

Just to share with everybody that we are increasingly active in Russia, as well as supporting Russian companies to export successfully.

Interview in a Mediametrics St.Petersburg

the Russian German week

During the Russian German week in St. Petersburg, organized by the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) through NRW International, Mr. Marc Ambrock was invited for an interview in a popular media platform- Mediametrics St.Petersburg to share his experience as an owner of 130 years business in Germany.

The interview covered topics about the current business situation between Russia and Germany, how Russian companies can become successful in the German market and other aspects of the business between these countries.

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You can find the complete video here:

Во время русско-немецкой недели в Санкт-Петербурге, организованной немецкой торгово-промышленной палатой (IHK) через NRW International, г-н Марк Амброк был приглашен на интервью на популярной медиа-платформе “Mediametrics Питер”, чтобы поделиться опытом управления 130-летним бизнесом в Германии. В интервью были затронуты темы о текущей ситуации ведения бизнеса между Россией и Германией, о том, как российские компании могут стать успешными на немецком рынке, а также другие аспекты, касающиеся бизнеса этих двух стран.

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